After trying to get pregnant for nearly 10 years, Nicci discovered she was just hours before giving birth. An unreal situation for this new mother.

Nicci and her husband Kelsie dreamed of starting a family. Married since 2014, they have been trying to conceive a child for almost 10 years, in vain. Shortly after their wedding, the couple consulted specialists and attempted in vitro fertilization. But by dint of lost hopes, the two lovers end up deciding to adopt. Quickly, they are entrusted with the custody of two twins, whom they hope to become their long-term guardians. But a few weeks ago, Nicci called Kelsie urgently.

Woman gives birth hours after finding out she was pregnant

On February 1, 2022, Nicci complains of stomach pain. Enough to leave work early and go to a local urgent care center. This is where she hears the news and rushes to call Kelsie. “You won’t believe this. I’m pregnant. I’m 34 weeks pregnant!” This is what she announces to her husband that day. “We both wanted to start a family, it’s just amazing,” Kelsie tells People.

But once in the hospital emergency room, everything changes. Doctors discover that Nicci has preeclampsia and her blood pressure is high. Although a vaginal delivery was planned, a caesarean had to be performed, fearing that Nicci would have a stroke and the baby would die. “I was just crying and crying and crying and crying all the time,” Kelsie says. But the operation was a success. Baby Charlie came into the world in excellent health, just hours after Nicci found out she was pregnant. “It’s unreal,” says the young mother who will now be able to pamper her surprise newborn.

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