Elizabeth Rose will think twice before getting a fake tattoo on her face. On the occasion of the Halloween party of October 31, 2022, this British mother wanted to go all out. She opted for a sticker across the mouth, for her and her seven-year-old daughter, depicting the teething of a skeleton. She also got a fake scar tattoo on her forehead, reports the Daily Mirror.

A video with 1.5 million views

Things got complicated when the evening ended. Can’t get that damned makeup off. Elizabeth Rose tried every product in her bathroom, scrubbing her face over and over again, to no avail. The fake tattoo wouldn’t go away. The 46-year-old mother then decided to share her setbacks on her TikTok channel followed by 18,000 people. The video of her failed Halloween makeup has been viewed over 1.5 million times!

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We see her rubbing her face with a cotton ball. But the fake tattoo remains intact. “Damn, I have meetings tomorrow,” exclaims the forty-something. Which amuses his followers a lot. “The idea of ​​seeing you come into the office like that makes me laugh out loud!”, Writes one of them, while another Internet user gives him advice on how to overcome this damn sticker. “Get a roll of clear packing tape.” Another bluntly advises him to use the hard way: “put nail polish remover”. Vodka, anti-bacterial gel, adhesive tape, olive oil, nail polish remover… The list goes on. “I might as well drink the vodka and be done with it,” she laughs at the situation.

She decides to get a fake tattoo on her face for Halloween and plays a very bad trick

She decides to get a fake tattoo on her face for Halloween and plays a very bad trick © TikTok @alliwanttodoismile

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