Already parents of a first child, the couple had no real choice for the first name of their second baby. This is how they finally chose the one they liked the most, but quickly wondered about this choice and were afraid that they had made a terrible mistake.

Baby ‘Aspen’ became ‘Luke’ six months after birth

The mum, a nurse by profession, is also from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA while her husband is an operating room nurse. Their initial choice of first name hadn’t thrilled them any more than that, but both said to themselves that over time they would get used to it and the little one too. It was by telling people out loud that they realized that no one was congratulating them on the choice of first name, some were telling them of their doubts about being teased by other children in the future. Taking doubts, and after six months of discomfort, the mother opened up to her sister who suggested that she change her first name… to the great relief of the father! “He was still young and it’s not like he was attached to that name. I spoke to Brian and he was happy to change it. So we entered a trial period of new names – like trying on clothes,” the mum told The Mirror.

“It was an exciting time trial for him. It’s hard to name a baby you’ve never met, so it was easier now that we knew him.” Changing ‘Aspen’ to ‘Luke’, which means ‘Light’, the parents were relieved “We both really liked the name Luke and found out it meant ‘light’. Our son was always so happy and smiling , so it was like it really suited him.”

She decides to change the name of her baby after 6 months of discomfort

Gradually, the mother began to have regrets © Illustration photo

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