Mary Fatz was thinking of giving her boyfriend a romantic surprise when she crossed the country to find him. But she was heartbroken when she found out what was going on.

Long-distance relationships are never easy to manage. Maintaining a connection with someone you can only see a few days a month, or even a few days a year, is sometimes very difficult. This is what Marie Fatz, an American whose boyfriend lives on the other side of the country, is experiencing. Lately, she wanted to surprise him with a romantic surprise by joining him at his house. But what she discovered after traveling hundreds of miles broke her heart. The Mirror returns to its history.

She knocks on the door but understands that he is with another girl

In a video posted on TikTok, Marie reveals that she went by surprise to her boyfriend’s residence. But when she knocked on his door, no one answered. However, she is sure and certain that he is at home. So she is convinced: her boyfriend is with another girl. Her video quickly went viral and currently has over 28.4 million views and over 7,000 comments. Several Internet users revealed to him that they had experienced a similar situation. “The exact same thing happened to me, except his roommate let me into his room without him knowing,” one commented. Many other netizens have sent their full support to him. “He does not deserve you !” The story doesn’t tell what happened next…


Lara T.
Lara T.

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