Vaping or quitting? When a woman is pregnant, it is not uncommon for her to hear a shower of advice of all kinds, sometimes from complete strangers. Whatever she does, her every move will be carefully scrutinized and analyzed!

Kaylee, future mother sharing her daily life on social networks and, more particularly, on TikTok, has drawn the wrath of her subscribers when she confessed to continuing to vape during her pregnancy.

Shame the moms

“It’s something I usually won’t post because I don’t like to talk here, but it’s something that bothers me a lot,” Kaylee said in her video. “People shame other moms for smoking or vaping while pregnant,” she continued. “This is my second pregnancy. I’m about 14 weeks and I vaped all the way through the first one for my daughter,” she confessed.

judging others

Insisting that she was not making this video to “justify” her behavior or say that “it was normal”, she added: “It’s a real addiction”. Like other substances, Kaylee reminded her community that it was very complicated to get rid of nicotine. “I took other drugs and I am completely sober except for the vape” she admitted. “It won’t be easy to quit,” she said. Wondering why some people seemed to give so much importance to her behavior, even if it meant shaming her, she slipped: “Proud of people who have managed to quit, but shaming others who are struggling is not good”.

selfish behavior

In her caption, Kaylee was quick to pursue her reflection, noting, “You really find a problem with anything that doesn’t affect you or will affect you personally. Stop judging, humiliating because it’s not something you would do. Nevertheless, in the comments, many were quick to call the young woman “selfish” for not giving up the habit in favor of her unborn baby. “Addiction is not easy, but as a mother, it is natural to put the health of your child before” scolded one of her subscribers. “It’s selfish not to stop. I did it 6 days after learning of my pregnancy,” said another. A third drove home the point, saying: “I stopped just when I found out that my baby’s health was more important than any addiction.”

She continues to vape during her pregnancy and attracts the wrath of Internet users


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