Ruth Fort, 47, stole thousands of pounds from a vulnerable woman in a wheelchair when she worked in a care home. In all, she stole £7,200 which she then spent on her holiday. It is in her sleep that she will confess her crime which will then be heard by her husband, Antony, 61 years old. He will then take the courageous decision to report her to the police.

The father of 3 said he began to have suspicions when his wife suddenly spent lavishly. He also added that she spent thousands of dollars during a family vacation in Mexico in November 2018. Only then, his wife just dismissed her fears. “When I questioned her, she claimed that relatives had given her a thousand pounds of pocket money. I didn’t know if I should believe her,” says Antony. Except 4 weeks later, Antony was woken up by Ruth mumbling about money. “Ruth was mumbling about money and when I woke up I saw her purse on the floor with some fallen bills,” according to Antony. “I got up to hand them over, and in her bag I saw the debit card,” he added.

The husband was harshly judged for his choice

After discovering the debit card, Antony confessed he couldn’t ignore the situation. Reason why he reported his wife to the police. Following which Ruth appeared at Liverpool Crown Court where she admitted stealing the £7,200. The court then gave him a 16-month suspended prison sentence and other conditions including compulsory attendance at drug treatment sessions.

Faced with this situation, Antony said he felt judged above all for his decision. “When the case was made public, our village was revolted. My family really suffered. I had done the right thing and yet I was judged with Ruth,” he said. For his part, the judge congratulated him on his choice.

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