In Beijing, a 46-year-old woman decided to go to the hospital after three years of torture. As reported by our colleagues from the Sun, the Chinese suffered from back pain (lumbago) as well as hip and leg pain. Pain rated six on a scale of one to ten. After several exams, including an MRI, doctors discovered a cyst on his spinal cord. But that’s not all ! Practitioners also detected the presence of a deadly parasite, Taenia solium. Contamination by this solitary worm generally occurs when ingesting raw or undercooked pork.

According to the details of the World Health Organization (WHO), this infection can lead to serious health problems. When Taenia solium eggs are ingested, they develop into larvae in different organs of the human body. These larvae can also develop in the central nervous system and cause neurological symptoms. “When cysts form in the brain, it is called neurocysticercosis. The symptoms it causes are intense headaches, blindness, seizures and epileptic seizures which can be fatal,” the site reads.

His back pain lessened

In the case of this 40-year-old, doctors quickly removed the infected cyst. Patience therefore underwent surgery. Subsequently, the doctors prescribed her an antiparasitic medicine before allowing her to return home. Upon discharge from the hospital, only mild sensory impairment was observed. “After three years of follow-up, the pain scale decreased from 6 to 2, and his sensory function fully recovered. Magnetic resonance imaging showed no recurrence of cysticercosis,” the researchers said. in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

She complains of back pain, doctors make a puzzling discovery


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