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She claims sex with a couple of friends before going home

Hard to believe and yet, on the night of Wednesday 12 to Thursday 13 August 2020, the police were contacted for a funny reason. The events took place in the Saint-Marc district, located in Brest in Brittany). A couple welcomed one of their mutual friends into their home. The initial objective was simply to have a drink together, in the joy and good humor. Strangely, the guest, in her thirties, refused to go home when the time came for her to leave.

The latter has in fact, instead of putting on her shoes and taking her bag obediently before closing the door, demanded to have sex with lovers. According to the two hosts, the young woman was “extremely urgent”, wanting more than anything to have fun with them. Not at all on the same wavelength, the lovebirds have done everything to make her leave their apartment without having an intimate relationship with her. Faced with his insistence, the woman did not find anything better than to call the authorities to warn them of what was happening at home and thus obtain help. The police therefore arrived around 2:30 a.m. in her home and finally managed to force the young woman to return home. Not sure that the couple will risk inviting him again in the future …

Another surprising story that took place in Brest

Things are happening in Brest! In April 2020, the city was talked about because of one of its residents not very obedient. Indeed, while the country was in full containment to limit the risks of the spread of the coronavirus, a man simply decided to go swimming entirely naked on the beach of Dellec, after having practiced a little jogging. Unfortunately for him, the gendarmes did not miss anything from the scene and sent him a fine of 135 euros for non-compliance with the travel rules in force and a second because he initially refused to disclose his identity.

She claims sex with a couple of friends before going home © Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

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