Choosing a name for your unborn child is not an easy task. Although no one has to judge parents for the name they decide to give their child, some names are sure to raise eyebrows among family, friends and anonymous.

It was this disconcerting experience that a mother-to-be had when she turned to social networks to seek advice on the name she wanted to give her daughter. A name worn by one of the characters of the Harry Potter franchise.

A beloved name

Anonymously, on a Reddit forum, the mother-to-be declared that she wanted to name her daughter Hedwig, a “tribute” name in memory of her grandmother. She explained: “I can’t get that name out of my head. I love that. I also like the nickname Hedy. He reminds me of my grandmother who meant a lot to me. A few lines later, the mother-to-be wondered about the relevance of this choice given her last name, which also began with an H. “Would the alliteration be too strong? Is this first name necessarily a middle name? she wondered.

An immediate link

While the mum-to-be didn’t mention any connection to Harry Potter, she was forced to offer more information after people commented that he was too closely tied to the franchise. . Of German origin, she clarified her decision by saying: “I have never been a fan of Harry Potter. I haven’t watched the movies or read the books.”

A memory name

In order to flesh out her point, she insisted on the value of this first name in her eyes. “I can’t change that I love that name. It means “Fight” and a famous saint is called Hedwig and she was pretty badass. She walked barefoot, even in the snow, to strengthen her will,” she explained. “My grandmother was the same. My father told me that once, in her kitchen, she was cutting vegetables and cut her thumb open. She immediately took her sewing kit and sewed it up herself! she insisted.

A name too marked

Despite these additional explanations, the other members of the forum remained divided. “Perfectly beautiful name. I’m in a country where it’s pretty common and my mind doesn’t instantly go to Harry Potter even though I’m a big fan. A second said: “No offense but I think it would be cruel to give that name to a child. As a Harry Potter fan, the association would be too strong. Why not Hedy who is cute? Or Hattie? Hettie? “. A third replied: “Harry Potter is one of the most popular books of all time. Whether you associate it with it or not, I think the majority of people will when they hear it.”

A discarded first name

In a recent update, the mom-to-be said she finally changed her mind, using Hedwig as a middle name. “Anyway, I think I can use it as a middle name. It’s even more special to me! Thank you for your contribution ! “she launched to the address of the hundreds of people who answered him the first time.

She chooses a first name from the Harry Potter universe for her daughter, she is accused of being cruel


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