This is a particularly unusual story. Violet Quick, a 20-year-old American, became pregnant while using birth control. Even crazier, his son baptized Rudy was born with his IUD in hand! Married a year earlier to her darling, John Francis, the young woman had not planned to have a child in stride. Fate obviously wanted it otherwise. On TikTok, the beautiful blonde shared a video in which we can see her little one holding the intrauterine device (IUD). A completely crazy moment that quickly went viral on social networks. The clip has amassed no less than 22.8 million views.

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In a series of videos, Violet shared that she had been using birth control for nine months. Suddenly she started feeling nauseous. “I was vomiting from time to time. I didn’t understand what was going on. So I took a pregnancy test which immediately came back positive,” she explained. Shocked, and in denial, the American who lives in Idaho carried out six other tests to be sure of the result: “They were all positive. I went to the emergency room and they told me that I was seven weeks pregnant.” An extremely rare case that only affects one in 100 women, the IUD being 99% effective in preventing fertilization.

The importance of checking the location of your IUD

Falling pregnant with an IUD is therefore possible if it has been installed incorrectly or has moved. Violet, however, assures that hers was still in place when she discovered that she was expecting a baby. Rest assured, it is easy to check its position. It is necessary to feel a small rod which protrudes at the level of the cervix. If in doubt, consult your gynecologist who will perform a pelvic ultrasound. At the same time, the young mother took advantage of this buzz to encourage women to take tests if they have the slightest hesitation: “It is better to know because there is a high risk of having an ectopic pregnancy when you wear an IUD. .”

She becomes pregnant on contraceptives, her baby is born with her IUD in her hand


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