This should discourage some people from taking up baking. In the United States, a 19-year-old girl suffered severe eye burns while quietly baking cookies with her mother. The incident dates back to December 2021. Samantha D’Aprile, 19, was watching her preparations on the stove when the pan full of boiling chocolate exploded in her face. Hit in the eyes, she rushed to pour water on them, but the pain intensified and her eyes began to swell.

Without waiting, Samantha and her mother rushed to the hospital, but the establishment was unable to treat the burns. The teenager therefore had to wait long hours before being transferred to a Chicago hospital. “I was in so much pain that my body started to let go, she tells They gave me morphine, which eased the pain and allowed me to breathe again. ” On the spot, the doctors announced to him that his eyes were badly burned. They weren’t sure his vision would survive it. “When they told me I had lost my sight, I told the doctors that I didn’t want to live anymore. I felt so bad and was going crazy. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life To have perfect vision one day and hear that you could be blind for life the next was terrifying and I couldn’t accept it.”

“My eyes looked like they had been cut with a razor”

Despite the severity of her injuries, Samantha was able to return home after a few days of hospitalization. A doctor visited him every day. “On the third day after the accident, the doctor asked me to open my eyes to find out if I could see or not. (…) He said my eyes looked like they had been cut with a razor.” For several days, Samantha remained in the dark. “I also had an 80% chance of becoming color blind because my cornea was badly damaged. I prayed several times a day to keep my sight, that was all I asked for.”

And the patience eventually paid off. Not only did Samantha regain her sight, but she didn’t have any sequelae from the accident, which the doctors call a real “miracle”. According to them, Samantha saved her vision when she sprayed water on her eyes right after the accident. “About two weeks after my accident, I started doing what I used to do again, like reading, driving, watching TV, and each day was better than the last, I had less pain in opening his eyes.” Today, Samantha got her eyes back. She nevertheless suffers from post-traumatic stress related to the accident. “I was a pretty rebellious person who didn’t think much before acting, whereas now I don’t really go out of my comfort zone, I’m more calm,” she says. However, she hopes that things will eventually change. In the meantime, Samantha is focusing on her studies and “her friends and family”.

She bakes cookies, the chocolate causes her horrible injuries

The pan of chocolate exploded in his face. © Pexels

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