Thanks to her elegance, her culture, her beauty and her dress style, Jackie Kennedy became a true fashion icon in the 1960s. Indeed, the wife of the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, cultivated her appearance and in particular its silhouette in order to always be presentable.

However, behind her perfect appearance, the First Lady of the United States hid a real obsession for her body and did not hesitate to inflict a drastic diet. In the book “Jackie’s Girl: my life with the Kennedy Family”, published in May 2017, Kathy McKeon had made several revelations about the private life of Jackie Kennedy. Indeed, the one who assisted him for 13 years had revealed that she controlled her diet and ate only 600 calories a day.

Kathy McKeon: “We’ve bumped into each other at night, in the pantry.”

If Jackie Kennedy had such a strict diet, it was because she was prone to violent binge eating. Kathy McKeon had also declared that she had found it several times in the cupboards of the White House. “If she went into the kitchen and saw a brownie or some cookies, she grabbed it and ate it right off the plate,” she wrote.

During her crises, the mother of Caroline and John-John Kennedy had even developed strategies not to be spotted. Her former governess had testified: “We happened to bump into each other at night, in the pantry. She didn’t turn on the light, because she didn’t want us to see her in there”. She then continued: “I caught her eating ice cream from the jar with a big spoon. Not a small one, no, a huge one”. A moment that had particularly marked Kathy McKeon who had explained that usually, Jackie Kennedy did not have much appetite.

John-Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy © Zuma Press

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