Alex Halley and her boyfriend Aidan Solan were vacationing in Italy to attend a friend’s wedding when their lives suddenly changed after a phone call from the party. While the 27-year-old and her boyfriend were at the wedding party, she takes a call with some devastating news. She learns that she has uterine cancer. Doctors gave him “one week to live”. Alex Halley died aged 27 just two months after her diagnosis.

The couple was in Italy in August of this year specifies the Mirror. Upon hearing the news, the couple from London had to cut short their stay. According to the statements of Aidan her boyfriend, Alex had been suffering from stomach problems for some time. They first assumed it was the side effect of coming off the pill or possibly a cyst. But they were far from suspecting that it was a cancer that was going to kill Alex. Immediately after taking the call, Alex Halley burst into tears.

They can’t get married

Aidan, 29, revealed to the Mirror that he only realized what was happening two days after the bad news. It was then that he cried all the tears in his body. “I don’t know if it was a panic attack or what, but I was just hysterically, hysterically crying. I couldn’t stop,” he said before continuing, “c It was just the realization of what was happening and it settled in.” Aidan told the Mirror that he and Alex planned to get married, but could never make it happen.

She answers a call in the middle of marriage, her life changes

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