It is a threat that has passed under the radar of the authorities. On the evening of Saturday, October 30, Vanda Grignani, a 37-year-old Italian, had posted curious messages on her Facebook page. “I’m going to do something I never thought of doing. Forgive me,” she wrote at 11:36 pm, according to Italian newspaper Il Giornale.

Two minutes later, the woman posted a second, equally disturbing message: “I asked for help, it destroyed me. This shit bag destroyed me. The police and riflemen are defending it. I am tired. I have nothing more to lose, forgive me. “

Despite appeals for calm from her relatives on the social network, Vanda Grignani will join words to actions. A few hours after her messages, she stabbed her partner with a kitchen knife. She then contacted the police to report herself. In front of the authorities, she confessed to having committed the crime, while invoking self-defense.

The victim known to justice

His 46-year-old companion was known to the courts for drug cases and intentional homicide. The man, who wore an electronic bracelet, was forced to return to the marital home every evening before 11 p.m.

Vanda Grignani explained that she was awaiting his return when her messages were posted on Facebook. Later that evening, an argument allegedly erupted, before the woman finally attacked her spouse using a knife. The latter said that her relationship had become very difficult lately. According to the Italian media Corriere de la Sierra, she had tried on several occasions to warn the police about her situation.

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