She wanted to do a good deed for her family. However, she did not imagine for a moment the disastrous consequences that her attempt to clean up would cause! It was on TikTok that the young woman publishing under the pseudonym @silkalmondmilk_ers told her story.

An adventure that could have quickly turned tragic on this Christmas Day 2022 and which will certainly leave a bitter memory in the minds of all family members!

A dangerous mix

On social networks, a user known under the pseudonym @silkalmondmilk_ers, returned to a family misadventure that all members will find difficult to forget. As the holiday season kicked off, the young woman chose to clean her kitchen with vinegar and bleach. However, without knowing it, she has thus produced chlorine gas, whose pungent smell and yellow-green color is extremely dangerous. Indeed, this gaseous chlorine can irritate the eyes, the nose, the throat but, in extreme cases, in particular in the event of prolonged exposure, can lead to death. This compound is obtained by mixing vinegar, which contains dilute acetic acid, and bleach, which contains sodium hypochlorite.

Common poisonings

In her video, the young woman jokingly commented “My grandparents suffered from spending time with us”. At the first symptoms, the family locked themselves in a room, joining the poison control line for help. Opening the windows to renew the ambient air is the recommended approach. Arousing more than 21.4 million views, its publication did not fail to react, especially since, each year, according to an annual report from the American poison control centers, 4,800 exposures to chlorine gas are reported.

She almost poisons her family while cleaning


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