She responds to the name of Remy. In South Carolina, a 4-year-old dog was discovered at the door of the Greenville Humane Society, an association for the defense of animals. “Yesterday, Remy was found attached to a friend outside our adoption center¸ can be read on the organization’s Facebook page. Finding her abandoned and alone was not surprising for our staff. Well that abandoning animals is against the law, it happens more and more frequently, causing the overcrowding of our shelters. We immediately took her inside, gave her food and began an evaluation meticulous veterinarian.”

On the dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, volunteers from the Greenville Humane Society discovered a heartbreaking note written by her mistress. The latter explains that she does not have the means to pay the veterinary costs of Remy, suffering from a serious heart disease, and even asks the shelter to put an end to her suffering. “My sister could not take care of her as she should. She suffers from diseases that I believe are incurable. She must be euthanized as soon as possible. Thank you very much,” reads the terrible note, a photo of which has been shared on Facebook.

A 6/6th intensity heart murmur

According to the Greenville Humane Society, Remy suffers from a 6/6th intensity heart murmur, “the most severe, often heard through the chest”. She therefore needs very expensive care. “This disease will require an echocardiogram, at a minimum. Depending on what is discovered during the procedure, Remy may need lifelong surgery and medical treatment.”

On the social network Facebook, the treatment inflicted on Remy by his mistress has aroused many reactions. Some have accused the latter of insensitivity and irresponsibility, believing that the abandonment of an animal is inexcusable. “I will never understand how someone can just tie up their dog and walk away without looking back. It breaks my heart!” exclaimed a user. “It makes me sad and angry, protests another. Sad for Remy and angry to see that someone can abandon her just because she is sick. This is precisely where she has the most need us!”

“She’s someone who really wanted the best for her, but just didn’t know what to do”

Others were more understanding, believing that the owner of the animal had made the right choice by depositing it where it could be taken care of. “It’s sad but we have to remember, we don’t know all the details behind this story… (…) She seems to have been cared for and pampered… Our animals are special but sometimes get sick, like all of us and sometimes the cost of care prevents us from doing things right,” writes a Facebook user. “It’s very difficult not to demonize the owners who abandon their animals. The thing to remember is that if the owner really laughed at her animal, she would not have abandoned her where he could get a second chance,” added another. An opinion shared by Rachel Delport, employee of the Greenville Humane Society, who believes that Remy’s mistress was probably out of a solution. “She’s someone who really wanted the best for her, but just didn’t know what to do,” she told WYFF television.

To fund the care of Remy and other animals abandoned by their owners, the Greenville Humane Society has set up a fundraiser. “Remy needs your help. The other 95 sick or injured animals in our shelters need your help, can we read on the association’s Facebook page. Any donation, large or small, will be greatly appreciated. We do not We won’t let them down, and we hope you won’t either.” At the time of writing this article, more than $6,000 in donations have already been collected. Remy was taken care of. His echocardiogram is scheduled for October.

She abandons her critically ill dog with a heartbreaking note

Remy © Facebook – Greenville Humane Society

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