An unexpected romance. Shaun Evans is an actor who needs no introduction. Aged 41, he was born in Liverpool to Irish parents. He avoids social networks, in order to keep a private life and has been starring in the series Endeavour since 2012. In this one, he plays the role of the impeccable inspector who, in the England of the years 1960, solves many puzzles. On the private side, he was in a relationship with a famous singer. This is Andrea Corr, who has been part of the Irish band The Corrs since the early 1990s. But who is she? Andrea Jane Corr was born in May 1974 in Dundalk. Apart from her singing career, she has shot a few films and also acted in two plays. She was voted Ireland’s sexiest woman in 1999 and 2005. Since early 2007, the singer has shared her life with Brett Desmond and the two married in August 2009. They welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Jean in April 2012. Her second baby was born in January 2014 and is a baby boy named Brett.

A short story. It was on the set of the film The Boys from County Clare in 2003 that Shaun Evans met Andrea Corr. Both fell in love and the singer had confided in her relationship in the columns of RTE Guide. “I want to marry someone who is aware that he does not treat me in the right way or who does not take me for granted”, she had first explained. Subsequently, she had mentioned her youth, during which she would have made bad choices. “When I was young, I was interested in boys who didn’t talk much. I thought they were very interesting but in reality they didn’t have much to say,” she recalled. In the arms of Shaun Evans, she seemed very fulfilled. “With Shaun, we like the same things. We had a kiss scene at the end of the film and it was not complicated since we already liked each other a lot”, she said before mentioning the qualities of the actor: “He is very artistic and adventurous”. The couple separated in 2007.

Shaun Evans: has he rebuilt his life since?

Shaun Evans is not one to reveal his private life to everyone. He is not on social networks and very rarely confides. His only known relationship is with singer Andrea Corr. Since their separation in 2007, the actor has not been seen in the company of a woman. Thus, it is impossible to know if he has rebuilt his life or not.

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