Leonardo DiCaprio can say thank you to Sharon Stone. Before experiencing worldwide success and seeing his career take off thanks to the success of Titanic, the actor made his debut in films such as Romeo + Juliet, but also in Death or Alive released in 1995, where he co-starred. with Sharon Stone. And if now it seems unthinkable to refuse roles to the Oscar-winning actor, at the time, he still had to prove himself. But not with the star of Basic Instinct, who saw in him undeniable potential, so much so that she fought to get him the role of Fee Herod, alias The Kid, in the western of Sam Raimi.

In her memoir, The Beauty Of Living, Sharon Stone recounts how she went all out with production, TriStar Pictures, to get Leonardo DiCaprio to get the role. “Why a stranger, Sharon, why are you shooting yourself in the foot?” He was then asked at the time, while the then 21-year-old actor was for his part not so unknown as that, and had even already had a double Golden Globe and Oscar nomination in 1994 for Best Supporting Actor in the movie Gilbert Grape. But confident of the young man’s talent, Sharon Stone went so far as to pay the young comedian’s salary herself. A choice that she certainly does not regret today.

Sharon Stone “forgotten” by Hollywood after her stroke

Obviously very influential in Hollywood at this time, Sharon Stone felt a few years later completely abandoned by the world of cinema, after she suffered a stroke. In 2001, the actress had a terrible vascular accident which earned her an operation, but also several months of convalescence to get back on her feet. “I needed to rebuild myself piece by piece,” the actress admitted to Elle, while today she has regained all of her physical and cognitive capacities. But the road has been long for her, who succeeded in reaching her goals thanks to the “technique of bypassing”.

Sharon Stone © NIZON

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