Sharon Stone has long tried to be a mother, naturally speaking … Unfortunately, the autoimmune disease from which she suffers made her the victim of three miscarriages, at an advanced stage of pregnancy. Seeing that she could not carry a pregnancy to term, she and her husband, Phil Bronstein, finally adopted a baby boy, Roan Joseph Bronstein, in 2000. The latter was only one week old when the actress and journalist leave to look for him in Texas, where he was born. The star of Basic Instinct swims in full happiness: she is finally a mother! Unfortunately, the happiness will be short-lived: the couple divorces in 2004 and Phil obtains sole custody of Roan, in 2008. He then grows up far from his mother. A heartbreak for Sharon Stone.

Today, Sharon Stone and Roan are closer than ever: he has even reportedly started proceedings to take the surname Stone, rather than that of his father. Moreover, he seems to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious mother since he made his debut in front of the cameras, and by his side, in the film What about love, by Klaus Menzel. If he is not present on social networks, we know from his mother that he is a fan of rap and hip-hop.

How many children does Sharon Stone have?

Sharon Stone had her first child with Phil Bronstein: in 2000. In 2005, the American star resorted to a surrogate mother in order to have a second child: a boy named Laird Vonne Stone. Then, she adopted a third son in 2006, Quinn Kelly Stone. If she wanted to adopt more children, she finally changed her mind: “I love my children, but I stop there. It is really not easy to raise children as a single mother ”, she confided in 2011 on the set of Ellen Degeneres.


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