Sharon Stone will be absent from social networks for several weeks. For good reason, the actress will have to rest to recover from an operation. Indeed, on November 1, 2022, she spoke on her social networks to announce that she had to have surgery for “a large fibroid (tumor) which must be removed”. She took the opportunity to ask her many subscribers to take the time to seek the advice of a second professional when it comes to very important health problems. If she took the time to give this information, it is because she claimed to have been “again misdiagnosed” and “had another bad medical procedure”, 20 years after suffering a stroke .

Following her message, she shared an article published by the law firm Jonathan C. Reiter, which specializes in medical errors. They talked about how often women would be less well diagnosed than men. According to their survey, they would then be 50% more likely to be misdiagnosed when they have a heart attack. In addition, strokes are 33% more likely to happen to a woman than to a man to be misdiagnosed. On Friday, November 4, 2022, People published an article by Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist at Yale University, and her statements are sweeping regarding the Sharon Stone case.

Sharon Stone is the mother of three children

According to the professional, the fibroid like the one from which the actress is affected, is a benign tumor located at the level of the uterus, is almost systematically detected from a first examination. “It would be very unusual for a large fibroid to be missed on an exam in an average-sized woman,” she said, adding that it would be “also very unusual for a large fibroid to develop in a 64-year-old woman” because they “generally don’t grow in postmenopausal women.”

This isn’t the first time Sharon Stone has faced serious health issues. In 2021, in her published autobiography, she returned to her stroke which occurred in 2001, and which left her disabled for more than two years. She had been through a real ordeal and had been very scared. “I wondered if I had not died that day and if I had not become someone else”, had thus written the mother of Roan Joseph (22 years old), Laird Vonne (17 years old). ) and Quinn Kelly (16), all three adopted. No doubt they must be very worried about their mother since they learned that she had to have surgery again.

Sharon Stone operated on for a tumour: were the doctors wrong about the diagnosis?

Sharon Stone © Claudia Albuquerque

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