Sharon Stone: how the actress recovered from her stroke

It is “the greatest disaster” she has had to face. Launched in the 1980s, Sharon Stone’s career has seen many successes in films such as Basic Instinct and Casino, even making the actress one of the most prolific of her generation. However, in the 2000s, several years of absence should be noted. Three precisely, which result from a period during which, the now 63-year-old star was recovering from a stroke. In 2001, shortly before the terrible date of September 11, Sharon Stone collapsed in her home, before being narrowly rescued in a friend.

Hospitalized, the verdict falls for Sharon Stone: she was diagnosed with a ruptured vertebral artery after nine days in hospital. Operated, she will however come out with some after-effects, which she discusses at length in her Memoirs. “I needed to rebuild myself piece by piece,” admits the actress to Elle, on newsstands Friday, April 2, while today, she has regained all her physical and cognitive capacities. But the road has been long for her, who succeeded in reaching her goals thanks to the “technique of bypassing”.

Sharon Stone is a “survivor”

To regain all her abilities after her stroke, Sharon Stone, who in particular revealed to have been raped in her childhood by her grandfather, explains that the bypass consists in “bypassing the dead places of the brain to activate new areas, very alive, but so far underdeveloped “. “Part of your brain will no longer work, that’s how it is, she explains. But another part is not being used and just waiting to be used.” In 2019, Sharon Stone lamented having been “forgotten” by Hollywood when she had her stroke, from which she took no less than seven years to fully recover. But whose effects, in the long term, had very heavy repercussions on his career. “I lost everything I had. I lost my place in Hollywood,” she lamented, calling herself a “survivor”.

Sharon Stone © Action Press

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