Shannen Doherty won. But the actress will have had to wait three years. Since 2018, she has been waiting for her insurance company to pay for the work on her villa damaged in the fires that ravaged California. Shannen Doherty, who suffers from recurring cancer, believed that soot particles in large numbers in her home had damaged her health. There followed months of legal and media battles where her insurer, State Farm, accused her of having used her health as a legal strategy to “gain sympathy” in their lawsuit. At the beginning of October, Shannen Doherty therefore won her case and received $ 6,346,000 million in damages, as People reports. An important victory for the former star of the Beverly Hills series.

“We thank the members of the jury for their careful consideration of Shannen’s case, her lawyer Devin McRae said in a statement. ‘they understand that they must remember that they are dealing with human beings. ” The amount awarded in the civil lawsuit to Shannen Doherty covers damages caused by repairs to her home, personal property, emotional distress and attorney fees. “We think about Ms. Doherty’s health and wish her the best,” said a representative from State Farm. We are disappointed with the jury’s decision and respectfully disagree with it. We will explore all available legal options, including appealing of the verdict. ”

Shannen Doherty fights “to stay alive”

In 2020, it is to “get ahead” on State Farm that Shannen Doherty had given an overwhelming interview to ABC revealing the recurrence of her breast cancer. At 50, the actress has been fighting for months and continues to work. This Monday, October 4 in the program Good Morning America, she gave news of her health, explaining that she was struggling “to stay alive”. “I never want to act like I’m dying. I just want to act, because I don’t have any checkboxes,” the actress continued, pounding. my family and friends. ” And by continuing filming. “I think the job has always been very rewarding for me, but in a way it has become even more rewarding,” she continued.

Shannen Doherty © Backgrid USA

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