Shannen Doherty sick with cancer: this reassuring news from Jason Priestley about her health

“She’s a badass. Shannen is a fighter, she always has been and I know she’s going to keep fighting as hard as she can,” Jason Priestley said in an interview with Angela Bishop. The actor who plays Brandon Walsh in the cult Beverly Hills 90210 series also claimed to stay in close contact with the 49-year-old actress, who is battling cancer again and adds that “the last time he spoke to her she was in a good mood “.

Last February, three years after a first remission, Shannen Doherty announced on the set of Good Morning America that her cancer had returned and that the stage was advanced to stage four. “I don’t think I accepted it, it’s a bitter pill to swallow” she then declared to justify having kept it a secret for over a year, while she was filming a reboot of Beverly Hills 90210.

“Why not me ?”

In this same interview, Shannen Doherty also confided in the shock of the announcement of the tragic death of Luke Perry, who died just before the launch of the reboot of the cult series, while she kept the secret of his terrible relapse. She bursts into tears saying “Why wasn’t it me?” and explains “It was weird for me to be diagnosed and it was someone who was apparently in good health who left before. It was really shocking and the least I could do to honor it, c ‘was to do this series. ” The journalist asks him “how did you endure the shooting?” and Shannen Doherty replies “Brian Austin Green!” The one who plays Brenda in Beverly Hills 90210 since 1990 says that the ex-husband of Meghan Fox was the only one in this group to know that his cancer had returned. She confides that he called her to say “listen, whatever is going on, I support you” and adds “we were talking about Luke together, in a positive way, and we had many amazing memories.” The actress also explains that she wishes to show people with cancer that “our life does not end the minute this diagnosis is made.”


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