At the beginning of May, Shanna Kress announced happy news to her subscribers. “The most beautiful day of our lives is coming,” we read in an Instagram post. “2 + 2 = US. It’s TWINS!”, Then clarified the young woman. The dream quickly turned into a nightmare when the couple learned that one of the two babies had Down’s syndrome. So they made the decision to stop his heart and, after several weeks, to go to before. Very close to their subscribers, they do not hesitate to confide in them about the smallest details of this pregnancy. This Thursday, June 30, Jonathan Matijas made a revelation on his Instagram account. During a question and answer, he revealed that he will soon be fixed regarding the gender of his second baby. “July 16 will take place the gender reveal and I will finally know if my baby is a girl or a boy”, he wrote before launching a poll asking Internet users if they think it is a boy or a girl. Future parents who will be fixed in a few days.

Shanna Kress’ pregnancy isn’t easy. The young woman and her companion had to make a very important decision that turned their daily lives upside down. In a video posted on Youtube following numerous criticisms, they had first recalled that it was about their life and that they did not need the approval of Internet users. Subsequently, the couple had indicated that the baby with trisomy 21 was a little boy, who would have been named Christopher. Today Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas are determined to move forward. It is important for them to continue living and they are eager to welcome their first child. A few days ago, it was in his Instagram story that the future dad shared adorable news. On a photo on which we could see him entwined with Shanna Kress, he had written: “First time that I feel moving”. An important moment for him and which he greatly appreciated. “It makes bubbles. I’m not sure if it’s baby or not, but I want to believe it,” he said, very happy.

Shanna Kress: what physical change bothers her a lot?

Shanna Kress is a woman who has always been very athletic. On her social networks, she has long shared her sports sessions and even gave advice to Internet users. However, with the pregnancy, the young woman has gained weight and it is difficult for her to accept it. “You knew me sporty, in leggings all day, apparent abs, bulging buttocks”, she first explained in a video this Thursday, June 30 before adding: “I have always been with this morphology”. With a few extra pounds, Shanna Kress feels bad about herself. “Since I became pregnant, I no longer have the same daily life. I no longer have the same body at all”, she revealed before indicating that she will resume sport slowly. “I don’t want to look like a ‘patata’ until the end of my pregnancy and not return to sport. So I’m going to take it slowly”, she concluded, impatient to get there. to put back.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas © Instagram


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