The verdict is in: one of Shanna Kress’s twins has a 98% chance of suffering from Down’s syndrome. Faced with such a risk, the influencer and her companion, Jonathan Matijas, made the decision to stop the pregnancy of the baby with Trisomy 21. “It’s difficult but it’s our choice. So we had to sign a document and we will have to keep the two children until delivery”, let the future parents know in a video posted on their Youtube page. Only, Internet users did not really appreciate the way in which they announced the bad news. If many of them understand their decision to abort the sick baby, they did not understand that they monetized this video.

“How do you make a video to announce to your subscribers that at the end of pregnancy you will stop the heart of one of the twins because he has T21. That’s private. NO LIMITS FOR THESE INFLUENCERS”, “Is- what do you imagine like me Shanna editing her videos?? Me it shocks me I can’t believe it in 2022 people do anything for millions of views”, “There you go. Now we’re doing Youtube videos where we film ourselves to explain that we are going to ‘STOP THE HEART’ of a T21 twin because ‘IT’S TOO HARD’. Humanity you said? With a video intro of the ad huh” , have also risen up many Internet users on social networks.

Shanna Kress was able to count on the support of some of her fans

Others, on the contrary, preferred to support Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas. They assured the lovers that they understood their decision and their way of doing it, since it is their job. They wanted to support them in this very difficult new ordeal.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas © Instagram


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