The most beautiful and hardest day of his life. On November 27, Shanna Kress announced that she had become a mother for the very first time after a very complicated pregnancy during which she had undergone an abortion for one of her twins. “Baby LOÜKA MATIJAS was born. The happiest day of our lives has arrived, our son is by our side, rejoiced the companion of Jonathan Matijas when announcing the birth of his son. Since your birth we know what what does it mean to be proud and fulfilled, we have become your Dad and your Mom, continued the happy mom in the caption of the first photo of her son And since your parents have been waiting for you all their lives, we decided to cut yourself off from the world, to create a bubble of love to enjoy every second of your arrival and to learn how to be the parents you deserve.”

“For almost a week we have joined our little cloud.. and we don’t know when we will come back down there… But for our memories, as much as to please those who support us and at the sight of the messages that we receive, who also love us, added Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas. We will share a video on our YouTube channel as soon as possible in which we will discover the birth and our stay in the maternity ward.” Very happy to meet their first child, the lovers experienced a particularly complicated moment that same day: the birth of their deceased baby. After medical examinations, the young parents had indeed discovered that one of their children had trisomy 21.

Shanna Kress: “We haven’t forgotten it but we have mourned”

After a long period of reflection, they had decided to interrupt its growth. Shanna Kress had then resorted to a voluntary termination of pregnancy. “Personally I had it in my heart and in my head, but I didn’t want to give it too much space, because I didn’t want this moment to become sad or nostalgic,” explained Jonathan Matijas. Still very marked by the abortion she underwent Shanna Kress preferred not to know anything about this “second pocket”, as she confided in a video published on YouTube this Thursday, December 15: “It may seem mean or weird for some people, but it was such a moment that we expected that we really wanted it to be positive”.

“Loüka was counting on us and was going to feel all our emotions, we really wanted to stay in the positive, to be there for Loüka thoroughly,” added the young mother. After the birth of their son, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas preferred to focus on their baby without mentioning this boy who was never born but to whom they had given a first name, Christopher. “We didn’t even discuss it because we really wanted to go all out for Loüka. But it wasn’t easy because I knew he was there and he was getting out of me, Shanna said. Kress. (…) We have not forgotten him but we have mourned. We only wanted positive energies. Very close to Internet users, Shanna Kress does not hide anything from them about her postpartum.

Shanna Kress mom: she talks about the heartbreaking moment when she had to give birth to her deceased baby

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