Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas made a very complicated decision. “We will be 3. We are not expecting approval, not to be understood by everyone either, so (…) Even if what we are going through tears our hearts, we remain lucky and we proudly thank the life,” the lovers wrote. After learning that one of the twins they were expecting had a 91% chance of being born with Down syndrome, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas decided to stop the growth of this fetus. A terribly complicated choice for them, which Internet users have not all understood. After announcing their choice, the future parents moved away from social networks for a few days, the time that Shanna Kress undergoes this voluntary termination of pregnancy. And this Wednesday, June 15, she gave her news.

The young woman has published a snapshot of her, visibly lying in the hospital, in the arms of her darling. “We need a lot of rest but we’ll be back very soon. Thank you again for all your support,” they wrote. For his part, Jonathan Matijas published a photo of his darling’s round belly, on which there is a bandage. On June 5, it was on their Youtube channel that the two future parents spoke and revealed their decision. “We have decided to keep only one child. It’s not easy because his heart will stop, there is still one who will be born and it’s a chance”, they had explained in particular on video. A few days later, time to think, Shanna Kress spoke again. “We asked the doctor to terminate the pregnancy of the baby with Trisomy 21,” she revealed.

Shanna and Jonathan: “It’s difficult, but it’s our choice”

“It’s difficult, but it’s our choice. So we had to sign a document and we will have to keep the two children until delivery,” said Shanna Kress. Faced with the outpouring of hatred received, the future parents uttered a violent rant on their Instagram accounts. “If you consider yourselves better, if you think you would have acted differently, if you find fault instead of sharing our pain… Then do not waste your precious time wasting ours. Obviously your infinite virtue deserves your the rest of the world in your wise goodness,” wrote Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas before addressing their friends: “We hope our sharing will help some to get through the toughest times feeling less alone, and being perhaps a little more informed”.

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