Another blow for Jonathan Matijas. On the night of February 8 to 9, 2023, the young dad suffered a health glitch and was forced to go to the emergency room. As he explained on his Instagram account, he lost 4 kilos in one night due to food poisoning. Only here, if he went to the hospital, the companion of Shanna Kress did not appreciate at all the way he was received. “Absent since yesterday because I’m exhausted after losing 4 kilos in one night, due to food poisoning or bacteria, what do I know. And also because I’m angry that I didn’t get treatment at the hospital. hospital. ‘Go get treatment elsewhere if we want you’, that’s what we were told in the emergency room. Not wanting to mix things up because of the arrogance and lack of ethics that a handful of doctors and nurses, I prefer to wait to be calm before explaining to you this crazy night that we experienced my darling, my son and me”, he wrote in story.

For her part, Louka’s mother spoke and said she was “shocked” by the misadventure they experienced. According to her, Jonathan and she spent “hours and hours without anyone doing anything”, while he was emptying himself. “It’s not the first time it’s happened and not the same place. You have time to die fifty times,” she added, indignant. Then, Shanna Kress clarified that the doctor did not want to see Jonathan because she did not feel “respected”. “The doctor did not want to see him because she said she was not respected so she asked us to leave to go and get treatment elsewhere. (…) The doctor decides not to see him because when the doctor comes in, he was on the phone to check on me and decided that my darling disrespected him. I help my darling, he can barely walk, I put him in the car, “she said for follow-up.

Police contacted

Note that once returned to their home, Shanna Kress made the decision to call the police. The latter would have told him that it was “very serious what had happened”. “And I’m going back to the emergency room (…) I say that I’m going to file a complaint, I come across a very nice gentleman who is flabbergasted and who advises me to call SOS Doctors”, she concluded. An episode for which they do not intend to stop there after their burglary.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas in the emergency room: "Very serious...", their eventful story

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas © Instagram

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