They are back at the hospital. After having to go to the emergency room for Jonathan Matijas, Shanna Kress and her companion returned a few days later, but this time for their baby Louka. Indeed, as the father of the family announced in his Instagram story on Monday February 13, 2023, they noticed that his seals were not of a usual color. Something to alert young parents who immediately contacted their pediatrician. The latter then redirected them to the emergency room. “We are in the emergency room because for two days we have seen that he had very yellowish seals. We called his pediatrician who told us that it could be serious (…) We are going to do analyzes. I hope I didn’t give him anything because I was sick two days ago. First emergency for baby Louka.” did he declare.

Shanna Kress back home with baby Louka: “Everything is fine”

In the rest of his message, Jonathan Matijas then gave some more details. “The ‘contents’ of our son’s diapers have gone for examination but according to the pediatrician there is clearly nothing serious since our baby of love is taking his weight well (he has become a little fat) and that ‘He doesn’t have a fever. he asserted. For her part, mother Shanna Kress spoke to reassure. “We came back from the hospital, everything is fine. We were told that it was possible in infants that the seals really change color. But hey, the doctor told us to go to the emergency room so we did but it still went to the lab. According to the ER pediatrician, everything is fine. Keep it up.” she added. For the time being, the young parents are therefore waiting to have the analysis results. More fear than harm visibly…

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas back in the emergency room for little Loüka, their very careful pediatrician

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas with their son Louka © Instagram

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