A little over a month ago, Shana Kress, happier than ever, announced that she was pregnant with twins. A happiness that she shared not only with the father of her future children, Jonathan Matijas, but also with his nearly 3 million subscribers on Instagram. “2 + 2 = US. It’s TWINS! The best day of our lives is coming! “, she wrote on her account. This happiness was only short-lived. On June 10, the couple revealed on YouTube that they had learned that one of their twins had Down’s syndrome. Shana and Jonathan then made a decision with serious consequences: a selective termination of pregnancy.

A week later, the future parents speak again in a new video. “We found each other, we are going to pass these tests”, confides the singer. “Today is serious but we are both. “But Shana Kress relativizes” to death “: “There are people who have no arms, no legs, there are children who are in the hospital, they are locked up, they can not do anything.. There is always worse. “You really have to accept all situations,” she continues. A moving sequence at the end of which Shanna made a final heartbreaking announcement: “The one who left was a little boy. »

Shanna Kress will remember to enjoy every moment

This pain, Shana Kress is not the only one to experience it. Jonathan Matijas will never forget this difficult month. “We will always remember it, it will be part of our history,” he explains on YouTube. “We will use it as a painful memory to remind ourselves that life is beautiful, and that we must enjoy every moment. Matijas says he had the intuition to “be strong” and made a promise to fight, “even if it’s a terrible moment”. Shana Kress has kept her head held high, despite the criticism that has been addressed to her on her choice to resort to abortion. All our thoughts are with the couple who promises to “find their smiles again”.

Shanna Kress © YouTube


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