It is a storm that must face the Colombian singer who had left Barcelona for Miami, before it was revealed that she risked 8 years in prison for tax evasion. The ex-wife of footballer Gérard Piqué has indeed refused the agreement offered to him by the Financial Prosecutor’s Office, wanting to go to trial to prove his innocence.

Shakira protective of her two children Milan and Sasha, despite the torments

He said to himself that the Colombian superstar had considered settling permanently in Florida: Shakira was seen with her children, leaving Miami airport, as revealed by the Daily Mail, Tuesday August 2. It appears the trio were arriving from Los Angeles, Calif., where they attended a Dodgers game, as evidenced by the singer’s Instagram account. Close to her children, of whom she has custody, she keeps her head held high, as noted by observers who met her at Miami airport.

Shakira is indeed prosecuted for tax evasion by the Spanish Financial Prosecutor’s Office which accuses her of having claimed on tax documents to live abroad from 2012 to 2014, when she was in fact a resident of Spain, according to the authorities. For this, the singer risks up to 8 years in prison. She had indeed taken up residence in Barcelona, ​​since her husband Gérard Piqué was playing at FC Barcelona, ​​​​however the singer insisted that a trial take place in order to prove his innocence. One of his spokespersons said, “Shakira always cooperated and obeyed the law, exhibiting impeccable conduct as an individual and a taxpayer, and faithfully following the advice of PricewaterhouseCoopers. , a prestigious and globally recognized tax firm.” Courage Shaki!

Shakira risks prison: the singer in Miami with her children

Shakira © Instagram screenshot

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