The Spanish channel Telecinco has revealed the circumstances of the separation between Shakira and Gerard Pique. In the program “Socialité”, the media has indeed announced that it is thanks to their fridge that the singer would have discovered the infidelity of the football player. Returning from a promotional tour, the mother of Milan and Sasha would have noticed that the jars of jam were drastically reduced. Surprise, since her husband did not consume it, she would then have called on a private detective to find out more. The latter would then have taught him that Gerard Piqué had a romantic relationship with a woman who decorated his breakfast toast with marmalade. The young woman in question would be Clara Chia Marti (23), a public relations student. Note that after being caught red-handed, or rather in the jam jar, the Catalan could not have denied the obvious.

Shakira deceived by Gerard Pique: these spades that she swings publicly

As a reminder, it was on June 4, 2022 that Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their breakup, after twelve years of living together. “We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our top priority, we ask for privacy. Thank you for your understanding,” they said in a statement. official sent to the EFE agency. The two lovebirds had met before the 2010 World Cup. Since their separation, Shakira has not hesitated to throw spades at him publicly and in song. For example, in her wishes for the new year, she did not hesitate to tackle him. Moreover, she seemed to have left the door open to a new romantic future. Our tears are not a waste, they water the ground where the future will be born and make us more human, so that in the midst of sorrows we can continue to love.

Shakira deceived: Gerard Pique caught the hand in the jar of jam, she would have unmasked him thanks to their fridge

Shakira and Gerard Pique © GTRES

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