Bad news for Shailene Woodley. While this one was in Morocco on Friday June 17, the actress who was on the poster for the Big Little Lies series a few years ago was injured! Nothing seems too serious for the main interested party, but she still reassured her fans on Instagram. Via her profile on the social network for sharing photos and videos, the young woman of 30 years revealed an image of her while she is in full recovery under a blazing sun.

Having hurt herself in a fall during a stay in Morocco, Shailene Woodley kept her loyal followers informed on Instagram to report on her situation. The actress who we saw on the big screen in the unfinished Divergent saga unveiled a photo of her lying on a deckchair in the middle of a heat wave. She’s wearing a lifted white tank top that shows off her midriff. His head and face are largely covered by a hat. His foot, finally, is raised on a cushion, with a block of ice on the ankle.

Shailene Woodley reassures her fans on Instagram after injuring her ankle in Morocco

At rest in Morocco on the last snapshot of herself that she posted on Instagram, Shailene Woodley appears injured but with a smile on her face. In caption, she notes: “Morocco, you are incredible, but your tiny steps hidden everywhere are real bitches.” Fortunately, it seems that Shailene Woodley is already on her feet again, judging by her following stories, where she goes on cultural visits. More fear than harm, then.

Shailene Woodley © Laurent Campus


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