Sexy too young Selena Gomez: that disturbing pressure she felt early in her career

On the occasion of the launch of her new cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez was invited to cover Allure. In a long interview with the American magazine, the 28-year-old young woman spoke about her extraordinary journey and some aspects of her rise to the top that strongly marked her. Younger, Selena Gomez felt the pressure to act and expose herself in a more sexual way in her videos: “I did things that were not like me. I had a pressure to look more adult on my Revival album. I felt I had to show more skin …. I really don’t think I’m that person. ”

Indeed, at 23 years old, in 2015, Selena Gomez posed on the cover of her album completely naked and unveiled many clips where she connects lascivious poses in very sexy outfits. Beyond the imagination, the flagship titles of this album of the singer, Good for you or Hands to myself (translation: Bonne pour toi et Je garde mes mains pour moi) are full of metaphors evoking physical contact.

Selena Gomez’s confessions

In this interview, Selena Gomez, also spoke about her new career as a head of a cosmetics company. “I would like to say that I am an entrepreneur …. It’s more that I feel I have control. I have complete control over my life and everything I do, what is planned. , everything. So yes, I am in charge of every aspect of my life, “said the interpreter of Bad Liar. She also admitted in passing that she was not the kind of celebrity who liked to search the internet, “I haven’t done this in years. Seriously, I can’t. I’m strong in many ways but I just think I’m too sensitive for that. ”

Selena Gomez © © Image Press / KCS PRESSE

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