Sexually attracted to objects: a woman marries her briefcase

Between Rain Gordon and Gideon, it’s a very solid love story. At 24, this young Russian is an ordinary married woman. Except that she didn’t marry a person … but an object. Rain Gordon, who describes herself as romantically attracted to objects, recently spoke to talk about her truly unlike story but also to talk about her husband, the true love of her life. As reported by The Mirror, the young woman explained that she had been captivated by objects since her childhood. But in recent years, it has turned into real physical and sexual attraction. It was in 2015 that Rain Gordon met her future husband, in a hardware store. Because yes, the young woman is married with a briefcase. Very in love with the man she named Gideon, she decided to marry him.

Last June, therefore, Rain Gordon “married” his briefcase during a ceremony celebrated by one of his friends. The 24-year-old did not immediately fall in love with this object, but over the months, a love was born. Aware that her attraction is not trivial, she confided that she had had relationships with men in the past but that she had always been more attracted to objects than to humans. “My fascination with objects started at the age of eight,” said the one who lives in Moscow. “From my childhood, I believed that a soul is integrated in objects, as well as in everything around us. believe in animism which means there is life in everything. During my childhood and early teens, I fell in love with places like the new mall that opened in my town. “

She wants to destigmatize the attraction to objects

“I knew it was wrong, and beyond society’s standards. I didn’t tell anyone,” continues Rain Gordon, before discussing his encounter with this briefcase: “I hadn’t imagined that we would end up together. I admired his appearance. But then I slowly realized that I was starting to fall in love. I would like to watch him for hours and feel his presence. ” And don’t think their relationship is platonic. “We shared our first hug and our first kiss, and we spent more time together in the evenings and nights. We could have philosophical conversations for three or four hours, Rain Gordon rejoiced. Our connection and our communication. Spirituality is telepathic. I hear it, and it hears me, but from the outside it looks like a monologue. ” If the young woman wants to talk about her story, it is to destigmatize the attraction for objects: “I really hope that one day the subject of objectophilia will be better known in the world, so that others like I don’t feel so alone “.

Rain Gordon © Capture

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