Making love in a public place turns out to be the most common fantasy of women. Serious studies have shown that 18% of them would like to have sex while taking the risk of being caught. Between public toilets, elevator, plane and park, the choice of location is very diverse. A little in the same vein, the most widespread fantasy is that of making love on the beach, in the sand and under the sun. In third place of the most common fantasies, there is that of the sexual act in the rain.

Another fantasy that a woman feeds very secretly, that of sleeping with a total stranger. The excitement comes from the fact that this is a real one-shot stunt, no ties in sight. In 5th position of the most common fantasies among women, sex with a celebrity. For some, it will be an actor, for others a singer or even an athlete. A fantasy that one in two women would like to fulfill is that of sleeping with another woman. In 7th position of the most common fantasies among women, there is the sexual game of the dominant / dominated, the allocation of roles depends on the desire of each.

Experiences involving multiple partners

Widely generalized among both women and men, there is the threesome. A woman can see the threesome as an experience of her bisexuality like in a plan with 2 women and 1 man. In a plan with 2 men, she will be the center of attention. The 9th most common fantasy among women is that of voyeurism. This fantasy implies the consent of another couple who agrees to be observed or caught in the act of having sex.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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