You don’t make love as often as you wanted? The frequency, however, would not be the most alarming sign of a problematic sex life. The first sign you should worry about is when you feel like sex feels like a chore. If you feel tired during each part of the legs in the air, it is that there is a real concern. To satisfy the desires of the other, you must know them. In the same way, for yours to be satisfied, you must know them yourself and tell your partner about them.

To better understand what turns you on and what makes you orgasm, you’ll need to masturbate fairly regularly, according to sexologists. If you don’t masturbate, it can be a bad sign of a couple having a problem with their sex life. The fourth sign of a couple’s sex life is when one partner lets the other do all the work. In the same style, the fact that one of the partners is always the one who takes the initiative is also a bad sign.

Not talking openly about sex: a very bad sign

Do you ever plan moments of sexual pleasure for two? This may mean wearing new lingerie, using a new sex toy, or spending the weekend at the hotel dedicated to sex. The planning of sexual events should be done at least once a month within a couple according to sexologists. You can blame your partner for skipping foreplay, but there’s also one thing you need to know. The fact that if you don’t warm up yourself can also be a bad sign. Finally, the eighth sign that your relationship is having a sex problem is when you can’t or don’t try to talk about sex.

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