March 2, 1991 will mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Serge Gainsbourg, but even today, the singer fascinates the public. Through her career, splashed with talent and controversy, but also through her family life, and in particular her highly publicized couple with Jane Birkin in the 70s. From this union was born Charlotte, in 1971, before the English model and the man with the cabbage head did not separate in 1980. It was at this time that Serge Gainsbourg met Bambou, with whom he had a son, Lucien, born in 1986. The latter’s first name is not trivial since ‘it’s a nod to the singer’s real first name – Lucien Ginsburg. Charlotte and Lucien, although living in two separate families, both grew up in the limelight and, like their father, embraced careers in music. Media coverage that tends to obscure the existence of Natacha and Paul, the eldest children of Serge Gainsbourg, more discreet, who have never taken part in public life. As a reminder, in the 60s, the dandy met Françoise-Antoinette Pancrazzi, known as Béatrice, whom he married in second marriage. From this union was born a daughter, Natacha, in 1964. The couple struggled and the parents separated before mending three years later for the birth of Paul, in 1967. The latter will not experience life under the same roof as his father since he quickly leaves to live with Jane Birkin.

Children who have little contact

Due to the age difference between the four children and the fact that they have never lived together, the heirs of Serge Gainsbourg maintain little contact. In 2018, Lulu Gainsbourg, the youngest, confided to having “caught a glimpse of Paul once, 16 years ago. Natacha, the same.” A situation to which the young man seems to have become acclimated. “We’ll meet again, or not,” he blurted out. At the time, Jane Birkin had tried to include Paul and Natacha in Charlotte’s life, to no avail. “I tried to get them to come, but it went badly,” she confided to Paris Match in 2020. “Their mother demanded that Serge pay her a fortune to see them. The divorce required her presence. seemed such a curious situation. “


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