If you speak to the general public and say “Charlotte aux apples” or “Le petit Lulu”, everyone will have in mind the image of Serge Gainsbourg, evoking with pride and emotion his youngest children. Yes but here it is, Gainsbarre had already tasted the joys of fatherhood before becoming the father of Charlotte, the daughter he had in 1971 with Jane Birkin, and Lucien, the fruit of his love with Bambou and born in 1986. Indeed , the artist who died on March 2, 1991 had two children with Françoise (known as Béatrice), his second wife: Natacha and Paul.

On January 7, 1964, Serge Gainsbourg married Françoise-Antoinette Pancrazzi. A few months after the wedding, in August, Natacha will point the tip of her nose. Dad for the first time, Serge Gainsbourg will quickly become gaga of his little girl. But once the break is over, he will see his elders less often. Moreover, following the painful divorce of their parents, Natacha and Paul preferred to stay in the shade of the spotlight, they who have so often been away from their father’s life. Nothing is known about her: neither her private life nor her activities. Moreover, Charlotte and Lulu Gainsbourg told the press that they hardly know their half-sister.

How was Serge Gainsbourg’s legacy managed?

When he feels the end coming, in 1990, Serge Gainsbourg decides to soften his relations “with the world”, his children, Paul, Natacha, Lucien and Charlotte, but also his companions, Bambou, Jane … He wants to go to peace. And for his will, he will not leave any particular provision: his children will take care of sharing everything intelligently, as Charlotte Gainsbourg revealed to Parisien in 2017: “We have shared everything. We manage moral rights all four, one person centralizing requests “. For his part, Lucien Gainsbourg revealed to Paris Match in 2018 to have simply caught a glimpse of Paul and Natacha, in 2002: “We will meet again … or not,” he concluded. As a reminder, when Gainsbarre died, Natacha was 27, Paul 24, Charlotte 20 and Lucien 5.


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