In 2017, Garth David directed his first feature film. This is a film called Lion and which tells the incredible story of Saroo, a young Indian child who crosses his country in spite of himself and then finds himself lost thousands of kilometers from his family. The screenplay is inspired by the true story of Saroo Brierley, who is now a 40-year-old Australian author. This will be broadcast on Arte this Wednesday, May 4, from 8:55 p.m. The opportunity for Closer to provide details. The facts take place in 1986 when the young Saroo, then five years old, will be found alone in a train crossing India. He will first be picked up by an orphanage before moving to Tasmania with his new Australian family. 25 years later, Saroo Brierley, who has become a businessman, wishes to investigate his past and his origins, in order to learn more. He will then embark on research thanks to a few memories, which will bear fruit.

In order to find his biological family, Saroo Brierley will use the Google Earth application. Its goal ? View satellite images of India. To do this, he will first try to calculate the time spent on the train but also rely on childhood memories. There is notably a river, a dam, a cistern and a gas station. Research that will last three years, until the beginning of 2012, when he is convinced to have found his village of origin. Encouraged by his adoptive parents, he will fly to Khandwa and find his native family, 25 years after the events. His story quickly fascinated the media and Saroo Brierley wanted to tell it in an autobiographical story, A Long Way Home, published in 2013 in Australia and internationally in 2014 before being adapted into a film. It was in February 2017 that viewers were able to discover it on the big screen.

Lion: which actors were chosen to play Saroo Brierley?

For this project, Garth Davis wanted to call on Dev Patel, in the role of adult Saroo Brierley. “We needed someone with real greatness of soul and Dev was our man!”, Explained the director in the columns of Allociné. Young Saroo was played by Sunny Pawar, whose first role it was. When he arrived on the set, the little boy did not speak English. “With Sunny, we were overjoyed. He was a kid like no other. It was absolutely amazing to see that he breathed something into his game that we didn’t ask of him,” revealed the director. On the adoptive parents’ side, Nicole Kidman and David Wenham were chosen.

Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar and Saroo Brierley © Zuma Press

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