Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress who needs no introduction. The young woman has been on the front of the stage since she was young and her private life is exposed in the media. A few days ago, she unveiled her documentary entitled My mind & me. In this one, it is in all transparency that she evokes the last six years of her life, which were very complicated. Suffering from lupus, she also struggled with her mental health and had to undergo a kidney transplant. During an interview, Selena Gomez said she never managed to integrate “in a group of girls who were only public figures”. Afterwards, she clarified that her only known true friend was Taylor Swift. Words that have made the rounds of social networks and which do not seem to have been appreciated by Francia Raisa. “Interesting,” she commented in a post. For her part, Selena Gomez took the floor in her turn: “I am sorry for not having mentioned all the people I know”, she simply wrote. An initiative from Francia Raisa which bothers the Selenators a lot. The singer released an honest documentary about the worries she faces with her mental health and social networks and she is today at the heart of a controversy following misinterpreted comments.

Francia Raisa was offended by Selena Gomez’s words since she is her donor. It was in 2017 that the singer came out of silence on her Instagram account. While she had released an album a few months earlier, her fans wondered why she had suddenly disappeared. “I am aware that some of my fans noticed my absence this summer and wondered why I did not communicate on my new music of which I am very proud”, she had first written before adding: ” I learned that I needed a kidney transplant because I have Lupus disease, so I was in remission. That’s what I needed for my health.” In her message, she had a thought for Francia Raisa and wanted to thank her. “There are no words strong enough to thank my incredible friend, Francia Raisa. She sacrificed herself to give me a kidney, the ultimate gift. I am very lucky,” she said. Subsequently, when she received the Woman of the Year award, Selena Gomez began by assuring that it was her friend who should “receive this award. She saved my life”. Since then, the two women have only appeared together a few times and fans even wondered if they were still in contact. A few weeks ago, Selena Gomez shared a video on her TikTok account where they were both having fun, thus putting the rumors to rest.

Selena Gomez: why is she accused of having taken advantage of Francia Raisa?

Selena Gomez has been very transparent about her mental health and her lupus in recent years. Following her kidney transplant, the young woman had conducted a moving interview in which she had made many confidences. Today, simply because she did not utter Francia Raisa’s name, she is accused of having forced her to donate her kidney. However, the singer’s fans have found passages of interviews in which the main concerned had assured to have insisted with her friend to be tested. An experience that was very complicated but of which she was proud. “I have four scars,” she revealed on the set of Harry Connick Jr. Subsequently, she clarified that a unique bond had been created with Selena Gomez. “I was not a member of her family. I am now. She has my blood,” she concluded. The Selenators have noticed that Francia Raisa is no longer following the singer on Instagram. Will the two young women settle their differences?

Selena Gomez: she creates a scandal by not thanking her friend who donated her a kidney

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