What do Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Tina Kunakey have in common? Easy ! They are fashionable girls who regularly make the front pages of magazines. Yes ; but not only. True icons, they spot the trends in advance and regularly give the “la” on the fashion pieces to adopt urgently. For several seasons, the Y2K trend has been running the streets. The revival of the 2000s with a lot of baggies, low-waisted pants and cropped tops has made a comeback. To complete the perfect panoply of the R&B singer: rhinestones, baguette bags, hair clips and bling-bling jewelry are in order.

Yet very young in the 2000s, it is a jewel of this decade that they have brought up to date. A jewel that is both discreet and sexy: the belly chain. First seen on Rihanna and her very rounded belly, she has since very quickly circulated among our favorite it-girls. Rita Ora, on vacation in Saint-Barthélémy, appropriated the accessory coming straight from “Posh & Pearls”. Camille Razat, the little Frenchie from “Emily in Paris” wears it in a completely different style over her clothes. Recently, it was Kim Kardashian who tied it on her skin during a shoot with her sister Khloé.

Where does the belly chain come from?

Originally, the belly chain was very popular in Africa and India. Called “bin-bin”, “djonou” or “baya”, it is sometimes a good luck charm, a sign of maturity for some, a sign of fertility for others. It is given several uses and meanings. Often made of pearls, it highlights the woman’s body with voluptuousness and sensuality. Today brands have taken over this accessory and offer it in different materials. Gold, silver, crystals, mesh or pearls, the sexiest jewel of the moment enhances the most basic of outfits. A tiny detail capable of twisting a silhouette. One thing is certain, it will still have many emulators and promises to be on everyone’s stomachs this year.

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The belly chain: the jewel that people are snapping up © Instagram

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