SECRETS OF STARS. Kim Kardashian’s tips for exfoliating dead skin

With her dream plastic and doll face, the famous Kim Kardashian has many secrets to maintain her skin. And despite her financial extravagance, Kim Kardashian has a very economical trick that will allow you to exfoliate dead skin.

But what is Kim Kardashian’s secret? Well, it is very simple! To maintain his skin, Kanye West’s ex uses a washcloth, with very hot water. Once the glove is moistened, she will first pass it over her face gently in order to clean her face well. Then, Kim Kardashian rubs her face, harder than the first time (with the same glove) in order to exfoliate dead skin as much as possible. Why hot water? The heat of the water will dilate the pores, making it easier to dislodge impurities, sebum and dead cells. With this, your exfoliation will be optimal!

Kim Kardashian: why she loves argan oil?

Kim Kardashian has never hidden her love for argan oil from her community. An oil which is also multifunctional: for the hair, the skin, the face … We never tire of it! As for Kim Kardashian, she uses argan oil (straight from Morocco) to have dream hair, she said: “It makes my hair very soft and silky.” She also uses argan oil for her face and to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

The benefits of argan oil? The oil heals, fights acne effectively, protects and nourishes hair and can even replace your day cream! It is excellent for the skin, because it allows better elasticity, but also better flexibility.

Kim Kardashian © Agency

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