SECRETS OF STARS. Julia Roberts’ tips for a brilliant smile

Since her first steps in cinema, Julia Roberts’ smile has been worth gold. Yes, she remains one of the Hollywood actresses to have the most beautiful smile. Luscious lips, pretty dimples, but above all immaculate white teeth.

What is Julia Roberts’ secret to having such white teeth? The star uses baking soda! The 53-year-old actress got this recipe from her grandfather. She told InStyle magazine: “I brush my teeth with baking soda. My grandfather used a little bit on his toothbrush and he only had one cavity in his life!” The virtues of baking soda? Whiten tooth enamel and purify breath.

Julia Roberts: her secrets to having beautiful skin

In 2017, the actress with the devastating smile was voted “most beautiful woman in the world” by People magazine for the fifth time in her 26-year career. And at 53, the actress does not seem to be aging! Always so radiant, Julia Roberts displays smooth and radiant skin. His technique? Beyond having a very healthy lifestyle (Julia Roberts does not drink alcohol, eats vegetarian and very balanced), the mother of three children always protects her skin before going out. She does not leave her home without having applied sun protection.

Julia Roberts takes care of her from head to toe and is a fan of homemade beauty recipes. The actress never neglects her hands and feet. Her homemade beauty tip? She immerses her feet and hands in olive oil. Thanks to this technique, the cuticles will be pushed back and the skin is irresistibly soft. Simple tips to use without hesitation.

Julia Roberts © Zuma Press / Bestimage

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