SECRETS OF STARS. Jennifer Lopez’s advice for purified skin

At 51 years old, the singer still impresses the whole world as much with her dream plastic and especially thanks to her flawless complexion and her luminous skin. But what’s Jennifer Lopez’s secret to having such glowing skin?

Acacia honey! It is with this product that the singer purifies her skin. Jennifer Lopez cleanses her face daily with pure acacia honey in the form of a mask. She leaves it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Its benefits? Acacia honey is hydrating, purifying and suitable for all skin types. It allows deep purification of the skin and eliminates acne. It is also recommended for dry skin: acacia honey helps maintain water in the epidermis, which will therefore provide hydration to the skin.

Jennifer Lopez: she has a healthy lifestyle

The American star adopts a very healthy lifestyle so that her complexion is radiant! She said in an interview with Good Morning America: “I have never drunk or smoked, and today it is paying off because my skin still looks so beautiful, taking care to hydrate it and having a good nights sleep. sleep. I’ve never had botox injections or anything. If I ever need it, maybe I will. “

The hours of sleep for the singer are essential, she confided: “I sleep at least eight hours a night, I hydrate myself as much as possible, I avoid alcohol, tobacco and the sun”. And during her “off” days, Jennifer Lopez lets her skin rest, she said, “Sometimes I don’t wear makeup at all. As soon as I have a day off, I like to leave my body alone.” Simple tips to reproduce without hesitation.

Jennifer Lopez © Backgrid USA

Jennifer Lopez © Backgrid USA
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