International actress and mother of three Kate Winslet is the epitome of glamor. For her appearances on the red carpets, the actress must be radiant from head to toe, and that requires an impeccable hairstyle. Also, the star has a perfect method to care for the lengths of her mane.

What is Kate Winslet’s technique? Argan oil ! The star having blond and colored hair, she is obliged to take great care of it. She advised in an interview with Gala to treat her hair, all year round, even on vacation: “I try to use products rich in protein which will nourish them … On vacation, I sometimes use them. treat with a little argan oil “. But what are the benefits of argan oil? This oil has the gift of making the hair softer and shinier. It prevents the arrival of split ends and gives a healthy shine to the hair.

Kate Winslet: what’s her secret to having natural beauty?

Since she first rose to prominence at 22 in the legendary role of Rose in the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet has changed very little and her face is still so radiant. But what is her anti-aging routine? According to her, it is above all the inner health that counts.

Kate Winslet makes sure to get a good night’s sleep: no naps during the day to ensure a full night’s sleep and not to go to bed after midnight. The actress also has a very healthy diet. The star has banned alcohol and salt. But her best anti-aging secret is: peace of mind. She told Vogue: “I know I feel more beautiful when I feel like I’m becoming a good mother … I look less and less in the mirror as I get older. 20 years old, I was more concerned about my appearance than today “. Beauty is above all a state of mind.

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