SECRET OF STARS. Olivia Culpo’s advice for a radiant face

Olivia Culpo, 29, is an actress and model. In 2012, she was elected Miss USA and the same year Miss Universe. What gives it excellent credibility for delivering beauty advice is very much in terms of skin treatment and makeup. For example, how to apply makeup naturally, or even how to achieve your eyebrows to perfection and especially how to have radiant skin. Follow the pro!

Olivia Culpo is convinced that the secret to beautiful skin lies above all inside the body. For her, food is the solution to fight blemishes. She said, “To help me with my pimples, I started changing my diet. I tried incorporating more veggies and cutting out all dairy products. And it made a big difference. ..) Once it was done (…) my skin started to light up. “

Olivia Culpo: Her Most Valuable Beauty Tips

As for the Olivia Culpo facial treatment, the young woman also has some tips to be on top. She explained to Audience: “I have two: get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. If you are traveling by plane or if you are in the sun for a very long time, you absolutely must double your water intake to maintain your water. hydrated skin “.

Another element to absolutely take into account for Olivia Culpo: fatigue. What does the ex Miss Universe do to never seem tired? For her, the answer is simple: “I rely on products made from cucumber or mint for their decongestant action.” Cucumber has softening properties, it helps the skin to decongest, moisturizes and repairs it. Mint is very effective in clearing the respiratory tract. Simple tips to reproduce without hesitation.

Olivia Culpo © Backgrid USA

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