Since 2003, Sean Murray has played special agent Timothy McGee in the NCIS series, episodes of which are broadcast this Friday, October 1 at 9 p.m. on M6. For the occasion, Closer invites you to dive into the private life of this 43-year-old American actor and to discover in particular who is Carrie James, the woman who has shared his life for several years.

It was in 2005 that Sean Murray married Carrie James. Together, they reside in Sherman Oaks, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, and are the parents of two children: Caitlyn Melissa born May 3, 2007 and River James born April 22, 2010. Carrie James is the founder and CEO of the BRA company, Business Relationship Alliance, a company that connects women executives. “I founded BRA because I realized I was surrounded by all these women entrepreneurs who would benefit from knowing each other, so all I did was bring them together in the same room and then we grew. from there, “says Sean Murray’s wife in a video from her business.

Sean Murray boosted to join the cast of NCIS?

In 2003, Sean Murray intervened as a guest in an episode of the first season of NCIS. From season 2, his character of Timothy McGee becomes recurrent. But how did the American actor get this role? It’s pretty straightforward. Sean Murray is none other than the son-in-law of Donald Paul Bellisario, creator of the series! Indeed, his mother Vivienne Bellisario is Donald’s fourth wife. Did this family bond play a role in the arrival of Sean Murray in NCIS? Nothing is less sure.


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