Sean Connery: his brother Neil died at 83, six months after him

The Connery family is struck dead again. Six months after his older brother, Neil Connery died of a long illness at the age of 83. On Facebook, it was his friend Steeve Big who announced the sad news. In mourning, the latter shared: “My good friend and drinking buddy from Edinburgh, Neil Connery passed away early this morning, I regret to tell you. He looked and spoke like his big brother, so dating him was always interesting. ” On Twitter, many Internet users wanted to pay tribute to Sean Connery’s brother. “Sean and Neil Connery. Brothers reunited again, as before”; “R.I.P Neil Connery, the second James Bond”; “Her voice sounded so much like her brother’s”; “I hope he and Sean are in a nice place and are joking with each other,” read the comments section.

While Neil Connery was an avid film enthusiast and had a short acting career, he had worked as a plasterer most of his life, until an accident ended his career in 1983. About his acting career, it is with lucidity that the brother of the famous interpreter of James Bond had confided: “I was never fooled, I know that one would never be interested in me if I had not was the brother of a star. (…) Succeeding in cinema has never been my goal. It was more a game, a distraction. If the film had made me a star, I would have been very happy, but it didn’t happen and I don’t regret a thing. ” Thus, Neil Connery spent a quiet life alongside his wife, Eleanor, and their two daughters, Martine and Leone.

Sean Connery died six months before his brother

Neil Connery died six months after his brother. On October 31, 2021, Sean Connery died of pneumonia and heart failure in his sleep at the age of 90. Grieving Harrison Ford, who starred alongside the actor in Indiana Jones and The Last Cruise wrote: “You can’t know what fun is until someone pays you to lug around Sean. Connery in the sidecar of a Russian motorcycle, bouncing down a bumpy, twisty mountain trail and watching him squirm. My god what fun we had. ” A moving tribute …

Sean Connery © GOFF INF

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