In love, the sign of Scorpio is always very serious. In other words, this point is essential for the natives of this sign. We talk about both love life and family life. The Scorpio mom puts procreation on a pedestal. For her, having children and taking care of them is undoubtedly the most sacred mission. She is the very image of this ferocious lioness who watches over her reach without fail. Although it starts from a good intention, the excess is often at the rendezvous. Supercharged protection, unparalleled exclusivity, the Scorpion mother willingly gives herself body and soul for her children.

Note that mothers born under the sign of Scorpio only have eyes for their children. Once again, everything starts from a good intention even if the execution does not necessarily go in this direction. After all, it is not uncommon for her to suffocate her children, especially because she does not let anything pass. It reacts to everything and especially in “overreaction” mode. The Scorpio mother will always meddle in every detail of her children’s lives. Also, seeing one of his offspring thriving outside his cocoon will give him a heartbreak.

Scorpio Mom: She Never Acts Directly!

Although she always interferes in the lives of her children, the Scorpio mom has her feet on the ground. Note that devotion goes hand in hand with intuition for her. Her insight explains why she is a wonderful mother. Even if she is dying to, this mother will avoid intervening in the lives of her children as much as possible. This because she is convinced that mistakes will teach her children more than sermons.

Scorpio Mom: Which Mom Are You?

Scorpio Mom: Which Mom Are You? © Pexels

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